The Clean Station is the World’s Most Powerful DFS - Disinfecting Filtration System!

With a Germ Killing Destruction Rate of 94-100% and a Better than 99.99% Particle Capture at 0.3 Micron size. Better Than HEPA Efficiency!

Air Quality Concerns?

We've been listening! You have told us that you have air quality concerns and we have just the solution. Ultimate Pure Water Specialists is offering the Clean Station Product for Air Quality Issues.

CleanStation brand was developed by a group of highly regarded indoor air quality experts. Their mission was to build a technology and product that compensated for the many weaknesses found in air cleaners today. CleanStation technology is known as one of the most significant advancements in the filtration industry to date. The technology is being utilized by major corporations and hotels worldwide—VA hospitals, Shriners Hospitals, Ronald McDonald Houses, Children’s Hospital Medical Centers, Wyndham and Marriott hotels all rely on CleanStation technology to provide a comfortable and cleaner environment for their patients, employees, and visitors.




Clean Your Air with the WORLD’s MOST Effective and Powerful Air Purification System Ever Created

Class II Medical Device Doctor’s Recommend the Clean Station as the World’s Most Advanced Medical Grade Air Cleaning System

Electronic Control Panel

DFS Filter


Exclusive SSTTM Technology (Spun Sealed Technology) Each filter is spun sealed, guaranteeing a 100% filter seal

Dual Air Intake Blower

Super Adsorbent Six Stage Pre-Filter

360º Air Entry Design Allows placement anywhere ensuring all room air is treated