Benefits of the Eagle Soft Water around the house

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DishwasherYour dishes will sparkle while you save work and time. Soft water makes household cleaners work harder, rinse cleaner, and faster. Dishes, glasses and utensils dry sparkling clear and spot-free.

ShavingRazor blades cut closer, cut through the toughest beards and stay sharper longer without hard water scum to dull them. It leaves your skin free of curd that causes dryness and irritation.

LaundryWhen the hardness minerals are removed from the water, you'll use less detergent and soaps. Cleaning will be easier. Your clothes and linens will look brighter, feel softer, smell fresher and last longer.

BathtubYour skin will regain its natural suppleness and your hair its sheen. You won't have to clean gummy stains from tubs and sinks any more. Best of all, you'll have scale-free plumbing which means longer appliance life and lower fuel bills.

BabyThat's good news for anybody!