Benefits of the Eagle RO Water System

A new generation of water purification equipment has now arrived...

·  Pure water from your faucet
·  Convenient installation under the sink
·  Pure chilled water
·  Juices taste better
·  Ice cubes are clear
·  Improves the flavour of your coffee and tea
·  Brings out the flavour of vegetables
·  Soups taste wonderful
·  Great tasting potatoes
·  Makes pasta...Oh! so good!
·  Kool-Aid and Jello are tastier
·  Even pets love Eagle Water
Just think an abundant supply of bottled quality water at a fraction of the cost

VegetablesYou don't have to ration anymore. Go ahead, fill the pot and use it for cooking. Your foods will really taste and look better. By removing those excess salts and foreign tastes you'll rediscover the deliciousness of cooked vegetables.

Pastas "Just add water", the label says. But you'll be adding Reverse Osmosis water - water without bad taste, smells, salts, impurities and you're promised great tasting orange juice, soup and Jello. With Reverse Osmosis water you'll get the full value and satisfaction of what you paid for.

Plants Plants thrive on good water too. They grow better when fed water without excess dissolved salts - it's like the rain nature intended them to have. Even your electric iron and car battery function remarkably better and longer, free from harmful mineral salt deposits.

Juice Because coffee and tea are 99% water, they can be no better than the water from which they are made. Reverse Osmosis treated water creates noticeably better brews. Imagine, cleaner, harder ice cubes that melt more slowly and leave no residue...all because your water is so much cleaner.

On a low sodium diet? E-RO-001 water is perfect. It removes the sodium from tap water.