Eagle Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System

Considered among the great technological breakthroughs of this century, the Eagle Reverse Osmosis process purifies water at the molecular level. Purification by Eagle Reverse Osmosis represents a big step above filters of any type. You can feel confident that the full spectrum of impurities are removed including those excess dissolved salts. That's why so many bottled water companies use it.

See how you can benefit from this system

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How Reverse Osmosis works

By squeezing ordinary tap water (using your house water pressure) against a special membrane, pure water molecules are separated from impurities. What's even more impressive is that these rejected impurites are automatically rinsed down the drain leaving bottled quality water for you that's pure and delicious.

We have combined this fantastic Eagle Reverse Osmosis process with other quality components to create a compact drinking water appliance that fits neatly under your kitchen sink. It provides you with an abundant supply of true bottled quality water without the bottles from its own attractive spigot. We can even hook up your icemaker and refrigerator water dispenser!

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5 Stage Water Purification System

1.  Sediment filter: sand, sediment, silt
2. Pre-carbon filter: insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, chlorine
3. Pre. 5-micron filter:dirt, rust, turbidity
4. RO membrane: inorganic minerals, nitrates, arsenic, barium, copper
5. Post carbon filter:final polish