From time to time, our customers send us letters expressing their happiness and satisfaction with our products and services. We have posted excerpts from only a few of those such letters.

E. and C. Tanner write:

"I have awesome water now, even the cat drinks more water! Seriously!" My skin is no longer dry, tight and itchy after a shower.... My laundry is soft, clean, and free from soap residue. Our Bathroom fixtures have almost cleaned themselves of stains. My dishes are sparkling... It is truly nothing short of amazing."

D. & S. Faulkner write:

"Your products and services are second to none, and we will be sure to recommend your company to our friends."

W Terrance writes:

"The clarity of the water was immediately visable and the taste was unmatched from the previous chlorinated and dirty sludge that I had been consuming; BRAVO!!"

"...fully and completely satisfied..."

The MacMichaels write:

"... I was thrilled to discover how soft and smooth my skin feltduring and after the shower."

T. Moses writes:

"I love our new water. We were recently away from home for 6 weeks, and really noticed a difference. We couldn't wait to get home to have a shower in 'our' water, and just turn the tap on for a drink, instead of having to buy bottled water. Thank you for introducing us to great water!!"

G. Chaisson writes:

"The service is great, if I have a question about my water system, a technician will promptly call me back."

"... I would not hesitate to recommend this water treatment system to everyone."

Other general comments gathered from our fan-mail:

"I personally no longer require ointment for my hands."

"I travel and now there is a huge difference when staying in hotels."

"Our son's eczema has improved drastically with the change in water. The itch and dry skin is now minimal."

We could fill pages and pages with the letters we receive. As you can see, the quality of the water families use on a daily basis can greatly affect our quality of life.